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Casualty Investigation

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Nicolas has successfully assisted in many successful resolutions in matters relating to collisions, allisions, groundings, unsafe ports/berths and damage to sub-sea cables.

Glaven Marine can call upon a wide range of varied specialist technical expertise in support to provide a full range of analysis and reconstruction for a variety of nautical incidents. Reconstructions are invaluable in assisting Claims Handlers and Admiralty Lawyers to clearly understand the circumstances leading up to an incident.

Typically services provided include:

  • Collisions;                                                                   

  • Groundings;                                                              

  • Allisions;

  • AIS data collection;

  • VDR analysis;

  • 2D plots and casualty reconstructions;

  • Navigational issues;

  • Seaworthiness issues;

  • Loss of tug; and

  • Loss of tow.

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